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La Roche-Canillac is a French commune located within the department of La Corrèze in the Limousin region. It is a commune in the Community of Communes of Doustre and Plateau des Etangs.

Made up of Roche Haute, at the edge of the plateau and the Doustre gorges, and the Roche Basse, which clings to the gorges, the capital of the canton dominates the Doustre valley with its steep and wooded slopes.

The commune covers an area of 3.12 km² and, at the last census in 2012, had 168 “Canillacois” inhabitants.

The small Community of Communes of Doustre and Plateau des Etangs is nestled within the heart of La Corrèze, at an altitude between 200 and 600m, and around 30 minutes from the Lot Cantal.


Comprised of 7 communes (Champagnac-la-Prune, Clergoux, Gros-Chastang, Gumont, la Roche-Canillac, Saint-Bazile-de-la-Roche, Saint-Pardoux-la-Croisille) between the cities of Tulle and Argentat, the Community extends across around twenty kilometres, half of which runs parallel to the gorges of the Dordogne. It is an area of exceptional natural and cultural beauty. In fact, it encompasses a range of impressive landscapes: forests with a broad mix of species (beech, chestnut, oak, pine, etc.), sheep and cattle pastures, lakes and rivers (Doustre and Dordogne), as well as gentle hills up to the plateau, and the steep slopes of the gorges.


Its rich cultural history and rugged nature can be explored through hikes, either on foot, horseback or bicycle.


To find out more about the Doustre communes le site des communes de Doustre or to get in touch, write to

Located at the entrance of the wonderful Domaine de Sédières (commune de Clergoux; 130 hectares of lakes and forests set around a magnificent, Italian renaissance-style chateau), the Canton de la Roche-Canillac Tourist Information Office, recently established in 2007, is open to welcome you and provide information during the months of July and August. It has everything you need to plan a rich and varied visit to our region and can also provide information about tourist attractions throughout La Corréze, and answer other tourism queries.


Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 14.00 to 18.30.


Telephone no.: +33 (0)6 70 09 54 80

An 11-circuit topographic guide to the Canton de la Roche-Canillac is published by the canton Tourist Information Office. Available from the Office and in town halls, priced at 2€.


Rando-Doustre, affiliated to the French Hiking Association, organises hikes every Saturday.

Contact : Mr. Julien Allouchery (Président) 05 55 71 70 0806 77 44 47 23

Walk and hikes 

Located at the Granges de Sédières in the Clergoux commune. Offers many MTB circuits for all levels, MTB training and MTB and MTB equipment hire.

A certified Sport Nature Resort in Marcillac la Croisille (water skiing, beaches and leisure parks), 15 minutes from our premises.

The Laborde reservoir in the communes of Gumont/La Roche-Canillac.

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